10 Things to do before your Photoshoot

How to make your Photoshoot Amazing.

5 DOs

DO choose 5-7 different outfits and bring them to the photoshoot, even though you might not wear them all. No matter if you do a studio shoot or a shoot on location, you're outfits will look different on set than they do in your bedroom. To optimize your look in the context of the set, bring options so you have options with your photographer and stylist on location. Choose outfits that make you feel beautiful and confident!


DO bring glamorous outfits. Beautiful layers, puffy skirts, hats, headpieces, beautiful jewelry or shoes to die for (even though you can't even walk 100m in those heels), bring them, borrow them, buy them, to make your photos magazine style worthy. Not such a great sense for style? Let a stylist guide you.


DO wear different colors. Do dare to bring some variation in the outfits you bring to a shoot. You might want to smoothly blend in with the crowd at work, but you wanna be popping of the screen when being photographed. 


DO sleep enough. Your eyes are the most important facial feature in a portrait and your eyes will reveal a lack of sleep. So make sure that you're well rested when coming in for a shoot.


DO go to the hairdresser, have your nails done and shave/wax. Pass by the hairdresser about a week before your shoot, especially if you are dying your hair. Don't try out anything crazy this short before your shoot to avoid any regret and unnecessary stress. Have your nails done (mani/pedi) one or two days before the shoot. Especially for waxing, make sure to do this a couple of days before your shoot to be able to let your skin calm down by using oil or cream twice a day. 






DON'T drink alcohol. Don't drink excessively in the days before the shoot and don't drink at all the day before and the day of the shoot itself. It just doesn't look good and make you loose focus quicker. Of course if you fancy a glass of champagne to celebrate the end of a great shoot - that's. a different story.


DON'T wear loose fitted clothes. Don't worry about some tummy fat or love handles in tight fitted clothes, your photographer will make sure to capture you in the most flattering way for your body type. 


DON'T be late to your shoot. A stressful start has never made anything better. Make sure to prepare your bag the day before the shoot and to make a checklist of the things you need to do between waking up and leaving for your shoot. If you're doing your own make-up, plan twice as much time for it as usual. It's just terrible if you need to rush it. A make-up artist is a fantastic professional who can make sure your make-up is spot-on.


DON'T just go with the flow if you have a special purpose in mind. If you have specific ideas or wishes regarding the photos, make sure to tell the photographer in advance.


DON'T spend money you don't have. It seems like a very general statement, but so true when it comes to a photoshoot. You do it right or you don't do it at all, is definitely true when it comes to glamour portraits. Don't forget that there are plenty of budget options to customize your outfit for example. Check the blog for more inspiration and pass by YouTube for more ideas. 





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