Hello Beautiful People,


I am the woman behind the camera. Born and raised the first 18 years of my life in the Netherlands and then lived all over the world. Since a young age capturing moments in visual images fascinated and touched me. From documentary movies I slowly shifted to photography, studying Media Studies, Psychology, Business Administration, Strategic Advertising and finally Photography that led to where I am now. 


I am a mother of two lovely wildlings and, together with their father, we make up a beautiful multicultural household, while figuring out parenthood. The time that sometimes the days seem long, but the years fly by quickly. The time in which we are still our daughters entire world and are often surprised by sweet little moments and unexplainable tantrums. The time I want to cherish, because I am going to look back and miss their cuddles and neediness for my attention when they're independent and finding their own way through this world. I don't only want the portraits we make in an hour that we all dressed up for, while we try to make everyone look as happy as we can. I want to capture it all; the small moments of tender love, the mess, the delays, the crying, the victory, the warmness, the pureness and the untamed creativity of childhood. We have our phones always near, but often can't capture the moment in full and often it's mum missing in every daily photo in her digital library. That's why I started capturing daily life with kids. And I would love to do so for your family as well. To catch your moments, that you always want to remember in your hearts, in a photo. A photo series of life as we know it.


Much Love,



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