Child Portraits.

How does it work?

No words needed when those little eyes look at you! Whether going for a plain black outfit or a more outgoing look, you will end up with beautiful vulnerable faces to cherish every day. 


Child Portrait Session 

For children 18 months till 12 years old

Incl. 3 photos in color and b&w

30-40 minutes in studio setting

1-2 outfits

Optional use of the creative wardrobe

Some ideas to make it awesome!

Come in a bit early. Then we can start off relaxed and have time to get to know each other a bit. I start off with this advise, cause, as a parent, I know how hard that can be haha. I will show you the set and help you choose from our creative wardrobe if you like. Bringing in your own clothing is also perfectly fine. Keep in mind that only the top shows and that sometimes the arms/hands will be visible in the photo. 


Do you like a special hairdo, a cap or wearing flowers or your favorite tiara in your hair, let your child pick their favorite. Fun or precious accessories can make the photo extra special. Let your child feel fabulous today. On location i will make sure the total picture works out.


Start your day with good vibes, lots of jokes and a fulfilling breakfast. Twinkling eyes guaranteed!


Have you seen a particular style or outfit you like on my website or instagram? Let me know in advance, then I make sure that the items are available for you.