Headshot Quicky.

Quick. Professional. Quality.

20 minutes

1-2 outfits

flattering lightning

variation of poses that work for you

3 photos HD in color and b&w included


95 euro

Looking for a package of headshots for your company?


min. 5 people

optional to add a team photo

details, price and style to be discussed.

The first impression counts.

How do we make this work?

Let's not waste time on endless posing for almost the same result. When it works, it works. To make sure the shoot goes as smooth as possible we have a quick call beforehand on what you have in mind/need/what type of professional context you want to use this for. From finance directors to models, from physiotherapists to horse trainers, from construction workers to dancers, will make sure you can use these photos for years to come. 


Some tips I like to share. Feel free to apply the ones that speak to you:

  • Wear clothing you feel confident in
  • Avoid busy patterns in your clothing
  • Avoid very loose fit clothing
  • Wear slightly more make-up than usual if you want, but make sure you look like you
  • Sleep well for a couple of nights before shoot-day
  • Drink enough water, avoid alcohol and eat healthy, at least the week before your shoot
  • Plan your hairdresser appointment, if having any, a week before shoot-day
  • Plan your facial, if having any, at least a few days before shoot-day
  • If you want to change outfits during the shoot, wear the most complicated one first when you walk in (for example from suit with tie to a polo is quicker than the other way around)
  • Choose a color that works for you (no idea? purple, turquoise, red, royal blue and emerald green are typically colors that work for any skin tone)
  • Better for you to be on time or early. You look at your best when relaxed!