Day in Life Series.

Day in Life Mini 

 2 hours - Min. 50 photos



Half Day in Life

 4 hours - Min. 100 photos


Day in Life Series

 8 hours - Min. 200 photos




'Home is where you are loved the most and act the worst.' 

Majorie Pay Hinckley

How does it work?

I will come to your home and join you in your daily activities. Following, observing and finding beautiful angles to capture your family. No need to dress up, no need to go anywhere. Just life as it is.


what type of activities are fun for photos?

You don't have to do anything special. Your daily activities are already perfect to capture. Think of creating moments that connect you as a family like eating together, reading together, cooking, crafting, painting, playing, building together etc. What is your favorite moment of the day? If you make it extra fun and special, your kids will definitely enjoy it even more and will forget all about me being around. 

Do we have to stay in the house?

I will follow you wherever you go for the timeframe that I am with you. So the garden, petting farm, park or market for example are also locations we can go. 

What is the best moment of the day for photos?

All day long we take beautiful photos. Because I am not rushed and everyone is in a comfortable environment, it always works out. Moments of connection and togetherness are nice to capture. Like the morning ritual of doing hair, brushing teeth, breakfast and playing together for example are nice moments to capture. On the day that I am reserving for you I am available between your waking time and bed time. We agree up front what time you would like me to start.

Can I invite other family members?

Yes of course! Having the grandparents over for coffee can be a great addition to your Day in Life Series. Celebrating a birthday, anniversary or newborn arrival, I can capture that as well. Maximum of 8 people (exceptions possible for families with 6+ children). 

What do I get after the shoot?

Depending on the package you chose, I will select and send you digitally around 50, 100 or 200 photos. HD quality, color and black&white. The photos will be without watermark or logo. You can use the photos for personal purposes only and are not allowed to sell them, use them for commercial purposes or send them to other commercial parties for them to use the photos.

Optionally you can add an album to your shoot. 

Do i have to tidy up my entire house?

Well this is totally up to you. You don't have to. Life with young kids doesn't look tidy most of the time.. Just consider that even tho I am always looking for the best angles, anything around can potentially be visible in the photos. 

Since you are at our house, can we do a family portrait?

When I am in your life for 8 hours during the Day in Life Series, we can definitely find some time for a family portrait if you like.

I don't feel like reading all the FAQ. CAN I JUST CONTACT YOU?

No problem. Just drop me a message with your questions or leave me your number and I will call you back!